Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance Episode 82 Download (30.01.2003) 192kbps


20.00- 21.00-> The newest tunes selected

1. Rui da Silva- Feel the love (Kismet)
2. Syntax- Pray (Junkie XL remix) (Illustrious)
3. Solid Globe- North Pole (Fundamental)
TUNE OF THE WEEK: 4. Thompson & Holden- Nothing (93 returning mix) (Loaded)
5. Beetseekers- Walk of Notes (JOOF)
6. Robert Lidstroem- Recitation (CDR)
7. POS- Amnesiac (Ajunabeats)
8. York- The Awakening (Hiver & Hammer remix) (Zeitgeist)
9. Solarstone- Solarcoaster (Midway remix) (Lost Language)
10. Orange- 7 (ID&T)

21.00- 22.00-> Armin van Buuren Non-stop in the mix

1. Armin van Buuren feat Ray Wilson- Yet Another remix (Attention Deficit remix 2) (Nebula/United/Armind)
2. Kiko- World Cup 2.0
3. Unmark- The Silent You (sirup)
4. ODD- Don’t Look at me (Paul Roger’s late night dub) (Sumsonic)
5. Rewinders- Pacific Dance (Yeti)
6. Peter Dafnous- From here to Eternity (CDR)
7. Push- Universal nation 2002 (Bonzai)
8. Stateform- Rio (white)
9. Vincent de Moor- Additional Works#3 (Combined Forces)
10. Chemical Brothers- Electronic Battle Weapon no. 6 (Virgin)

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