Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance Episode 29 Download (03.01.2002) 192kbps


23.00- 00.00

1. Reflektve & Andrea Britton- Breath Life (Greed remix) (3 beat)
2. Phaedra- forbidden methods (original) (Flammable/ United)
3. Robbie Rivera’s Grooves- Funk-A-Tron (Subliminal)
TUNE OF THE WEEK: 4. Ernesto & Bastian- Lonely People… (Altitude/ FTM)
5. Lost Witness- Did I Dream? (Tiesto remix) (Data)
6. Funk Einsatz- Punk (tsunami)
7. T-Factory- Message in a bottle (Hiver and Hammer remix)(Inferno)
8. Db Boulevard- Point of view (Lange remix) (illustious)
9. Vank vs. Adaro- Aquaplanning (original) (Collision)

00.00- 01.00-> Armin van Buuren Non-stop in the mix

1. Faithless- God is a DJ (Skynet UK remix) (DMC)
2. Huntemann- Phreaks 2.1 (deadly good music)
3. Intervision- Supernova (Free your soul mix) (Orient Recordings)
4. Letticia- Colour of my dreams (Dark moon remix) (Xtranova)
5. Marl Taylor- Matic Maythem (Collision)
6. Dito feat. Dznite- Shadows (techtrance)
7. York feat. Alaska- Yesterday (silence) (kaycee remix) (Dancepool) 8. Sharpside- Spacecruisin (Rotation)
9. Rank1- Awakening (ID&T)

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    • Gerben on November 9, 2020 at 12:39 pm
    • Reply

    A trance goldmine, for me the golden age of trance is about 1998-2006; good works have been made after this, but not with the same feeling as aforemention years 😉

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