Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance Episode 49 Download (23.05.2002) 192kbps


20.00- 21.00

1. Klea- Tic Toc (Magik Musik mix) (Incentive)
2. Solarstone- Solarcoaster (Hooj)
3. Viframa- Cristalle (Super M)
TUNE OF THE WEEK: 4. Airwave- Above the sky 2002 (Bonzai)
5. Paul Oakenfold- Southern Sun (Gabriel & Dresden remix) (Perfecto)
6. 4 Strings- Diving (Liquid)
7. The Clergy- The Oboe song (Green Martian remix) (FFRR)
8. Colors- Colors (Pink Floyd remix) (digidance)
9. Fundamental 501- The Situation
10. FSOL- Papua New Guinea (Marco V. remix)

21.00- 22.00-> Armin van Buuren Non-stop in the mix

1. Digital Mind Control- Mindstate (Zero Tolerance)
2. DJ Nukem vs. Chab- Wanted (Cyber)
3. Duran & Aytek- Monsoon (3 beat)
4. Three Drives- Carrera 2 (Midtown)
5. Accessicve Rhythm- Activate (FTM)
6. Redstone- Plan-fronted (Camouflage)
7. Cosmic Gate- The Truth (Dance factory)
8. Fire & Ice- Heart & Mind (XTC)
9. Rapid Eye- Circa-Forever (ATCR)
10. Argonaut- Max porte (Cyber)
11. Global Muzik- Liberty (Sacriface)

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